Doing business in Italy

Italy remains one of the most attractive countries in which to start a business, but many entrepreneurs don't know which is the most effective structure. Experience shows that each case is different and we take the time to understand individual needs and devise the best structure for your enterprise.

Whether you are forming an Italian subsidiary/branch office of a successful overseas company or simply starting out on your own for the first time – whatever your questions, we are ready to help. 
We offer a complete solution tailored to your entry into the Italian market. We help you to understand how business is done in Italy, devise an appropriate corporate structure, set up your business (subsidiary or branch or other), and ensure that tax issues impacting international companies such as transfer pricing are managed in the most effective manner.

Once you are here we can process and maintain the accounting records, take care of the monthly/quarterly taxation and VAT fulfilments, prepare and submit the financial statements and the tax returns. 

Should your circumstances require, we also can support the local management and the overseas headquarters through the implementation and maintenance of a proper reporting system.

Please find herebelow a summary of the services which we normally provide to our foreign customers with respect to their business in Italy:

1) Start up services

  • Analysis of the activities to be carried out by the subsidiary/branch office, identification of the most suitable solution and full assistance for the formation or incorporation of the company: nomination of the legal representative and opening of his/her Italian fiscal code, notary act, enregistration of the company at the Italian Chamber of Commerce, opening of the fiscal code and VAT code of the company/branch, opening of a bank account, implementation of the legal address of the company/branch, etc.;
  • set-up of a chart of accounts tailored to the subsidiary/branch;
  • analysis of the tax requirements (VAT, income taxes, other taxes).


2) Recurring services

  • Collection, processing and accounancy of  the accounting documents (invoices, bank statements, expenses reports, etc.),
  • periodic (e.g. quarterly) delivery of balance sheet, profit and loss, list of journal entries, bank reconciliations to the management ,
  • preparation, submission of returns and payments of VAT, withholding and any other taxes as required by Italian legislation,
  • continuous monitoring of the activities under tax perspective,
  • preparation and formalisation of the shareholders’ and board of directors’ minutes of meetings.

3) Year-end services

  • Preparation and submission of the statutory financial statements,
  • preparation and submission of the yearly income taxes return and discussion with the management about the most suitable taxation strategy,
  • payments of income taxes (advances, balances, etc.).