Non-profit organizations

The not for profit (NFP) sector is changing rapidly. The days when the management of an NFP organisation could be entrusted to part-time volunteers are over. The competition for funds is intense and NFPs need to be both innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach to fund raising. Cost control is vital as donors demand increased detail about key performance measures such as the ratio of fund raising costs to funds raised, the cost of putting teams into the field and the general administrative costs of running the organisation.

If the commercial pressures were not enough, NFPs are subject to detailed legal, accounting and tax regulation. It is now impossible to run a modern NFP without professional help.

As Milan NFP accountants and auditors, our experience and knowledge of the challenges facing the sector equips us to provide a high standard of relevant and timely support.

Last but not least, we have developed a series of procedures to prevent money-laundry and corruption.