Start ups and Due Diligence

Start-ups, Company and LLP formations

The single most asked question is - "shall we form a company, partnership, a combination of both or shall I go it alone"? 

The answer will change according to earnings, forecasts, residence of owners and managers, and the type of business.

We regularly form companies and LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships) for clients depending on what is most suitable for them. This depends not only on the issues discussed above but also on the personal preference and the relative administrative burdens involved.

In short, if a company is necessary we will tell you and tell you how to structure it. The same applies for a partnership or LLP. Furthermore, part of our service is to regularly monitor this as circumstances can change quickly. 

Due Diligence


If you are considering purchasing or investing in another business, you need to be confident in what you are buying and your likely return.


We will help you by conducting comprehensive due diligence on the target company to ensure that:

- you are paying a fair price

- you are absolutely clear about what you are buying or investing in

any forecasts or estimates are reasonable

- the legal documentation and deal structure reflect and mitigate areas of potential risk.


We will undertake a financial investigation on your behalf, verifying the information available to us such as the annual accounts, annual returns, bank records, schedules of revenue and costs as well as any outstanding litigation.  The process will allow you to evaluate the current performance of a business as well as its prospects for the future by identifying specific strengths and any potential areas of concern. 


We have gained a wealth of experience from assisting with acquisitions, quotations and other corporate finance situations.